Can I enter a game I started working on before June 20th, 2017?

Sure thing! As long as it’s your game, you can enter sparKCade.

What about entering something I made for a different game jam?

That’s cool, too. We love jam games (obviously), and this could be a great opportunity to refine a previous project and adapt it for a cabinet!

But I’m not in Kansas City! Can I still enter?

If you live outside the Kansas City area and want to participate, that’s awesome and we’d love for you to enter the jam! You’ll just have to come visit us for the exhibition to show off your game.

Who owns the games?

Whoever made them! There’s a chance Flyover Indies might be able to adopt some games if the original creators don’t want them anymore, but no guarantees. Talk to us about it and we’ll see what we can do!

So, I have to have the game done to submit by March 20th? That’s not a year!

Nope! The game doesn’t have to be done until June 20th. You just have to send us your brief, and maybe a progress blog (sometimes called a “devlog”).

A progress blog?

Yes! When embarking on a big project like this it’s a good idea to keep a record of your progress! If you send us yours, there’s a very good chance we’ll promote it on Twitter and through our newsletter!