sparKCade is a Flyover Indies Game Jam

Huzzah, it’s a game jam! You have one year to plan, develop, and build a game and bring it to the showcase. It can be a typical video game, or something completely different!

At the end of the year, Flyover Indies will host a Showcase to demo your game to players and proudly display your handiwork. We’ll have more info about the venue and exhibition closer to the end of the jam.

Latest News:

I bet you all thought we forgot about sparKCade! Well we didn’t! We don’t forget about ANYTHING. In fact, we’ve got two announcements!

Firstly, we’ve decided that, in addition to the game jam, sparKCade will be our first KC Game Developer showcase! What this means is that in addition to the jam games, we welcome midwest people to come show off any other games they’ve made!

If you want to participate in the jam or the showcase, let us know by July 15th so that we can make sure we have a space for you at the venue! To participate you’ll need to be able to make it to the event here in KC, and you’ll need to bring along anything your game requires to function, as well any branding or related material you’d like to present along with your game. We can’t provide computers, controllers, monitors, or anything like that.

Secondly, we’ve narrowed the date the weekend of August 18th! We’ll be giving more precise dates once we’ve coordinated with our venue. This means that everyone has about 2 and a half months to prepare.

We’re still looking at and deciding on a venue, which will be announced along with the official dates ASAP.

We hope a bunch of people decide to show off their stuff with us! We really want sparKCade to spark awareness in KC and the Midwest about how many super cool, talented developers we have! Get some publicity, play some games, and have some fun with us at sparKCade!


6/20/17 – 8/17/18

sparKCade is open from June 20th, 2017 to August 17th, 2018.

August 2018

The final Showcase will be the weekend of August 18th of this year, with the date depending on the final venue.


Here is the official sparKCade criteria. If you have questions, please let us know!

Make a Game

The game must be of your own design, though it can be a reinterpreted or modified version of an existing game. If you think it’s too close to another game, holler at us and we’ll help figure it out.

Bring it to the Showcase

The game must be able to be transported to/into the final venue. If it fits through your door, it’ll probably fit through ours.

Keep it Safe

The game must not be physically dangerous to players or break any laws. We reserve the right to deny submissions if we believe it to be a hazard.


Here are some of the qualities we’ll be looking for in each submission. These guidelines are not hard rules, merely a compilation of ideas to clarify the intent behind this game jam.

Make Any Kind of Game

The game may be analog or digital, or both. Buttons, knobs, lights, and moving bits are super fun and can be incorporated into a game in many ways.

Get Creative

Please get weird. Even though we sorta want you to make a box, think outside the box. If you’re wanting ideas, be sure to check out our resources page.

Be Mindful of Others

The game may be singleplayer or multiplayer, but we probably won’t have enough people for team sports, cause they’ll be busy playing other people’s cool games.